About Edu-Lab Home School Support Center

We consider the diverse needs of learners, not only from
an academic point of view, but holistically.

Victoria SosaBA Psych and Comm Science/Post Grad Education/ Foundation Phase Cum Laude/ Hons in Inclusive Education Special Needs Cum Laude

We all know how impersonal the education system can be, with overcrowded classrooms and a lack of qualified teaching staff. Unhappy children who feel neglected quickly give themselves over to frustration and disinterest.

This makes for a difficult learning environment at the best of times. It also presents particular challenges for learners requiring individualised attention in order for them to blossom and achieve their full potential.

Here is where the Edu-Lab Home School Support Center is the perfect answer to all of your home-schooling requirements!

Edu-Lab Home School Support Center is the brainchild of Victoria Sosa, who holds a diverse range of qualifications, from a BA (Psych & Comm Sci), to a Post Grad (Cert in Education), Foundation Phase (Cum Laude), and Hons (Inclusive Education Special Needs) (Cum Laude).

Victoria Sosa’s vision for Edu-Lab Home School Support Center was to create a highly immersive and focused learning environment that offers high-level tutoring for home learners.The focus is on individualised attention, but in an interactive environment that makes all learners feel part of a special family.

In terms of the learners we can cater for, our grades range from Grade 1 to Grade 7. An exciting development is that we will accommodate Grade 8 learners from 2020, meaning that our current Grade 7 learners can go even further with us in their journey.

Edu-Lab Home School Support Center is unique in that we can cater for both learners from mainstream schools, to learners with a range of learning difficulties who require special focused attention. Both are equally comfortable in the unique, stimulating learning environment we provide, and both are able to flourish as a result. We are justifiably proud of our ongoing success in this regard!

The main benefits of the home-schooling tutoring approach adopted by Edu-Lab Home School Support Center:

  • Excellence in education at all levels
  • Dedicated and passionate teaching staff who truly love what they do
  • Education that is customised to learners’ individual requirements and personalities.
  • Education that is integrated and consistent at all levels so as to ensure constant development
  • Education that is based on the latest teaching aids, materials, and trends
  • A holistic approach to the needs of learners that takes all of their needs into account
  • We focus on fun, creativity, and exploration.
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Our sessions are from 08:00 am to 13:00pm and 14:00pm to 17:00 pm

Edu-Lab Home School Support Center is also able to offer extra lessons and homework supervision

When students are not comfortable in their environment, they tend to be distracted and hence not as retentive. Our adoption of flexible seating allows students to find the most comfortable seating arrangements for themselves in our various labs. Comfortable students are calm, focused and productive.

We are sufficiently flexible in our approach to be able to offer both the IEB and GED curricula.

Instead of classrooms, we use labs.