For any parent looking for a happy, safe, professional, and caring school environment, Edu-Lab Home School Support Center is the place for your kids. It has all the well-prepared classes and lessons to ensure that the kids get the quality of education they deserve, along with the caring touch of its wonderful teachers and tutors.

My kids love Edu-Lab Home School Support Center so much that they don’t want to take any sick days or time off which, to me, says a great deal about the amazing environment that Edu-Lab Home School Support Center provides. I am so happy and grateful that such a place exists. My kids have never been happier to learn new things, and to achieve the goals necessary for their successful future. I am grateful to all of the staff at Edu-Lab Home School Support Center for all the time, effort, and hard work that they put into teaching my kids. I am grateful for their loving, kind approach to their jobs. Thank you all for going the extra mile in all that you do! Thank you, Victoria Sosa and tutoring staff.

Joanne Leisher

Edu-Lab Home School Support Center has changed our children’s view on education and learning. They are so excited to go to school, and to listen to what the teachers have to teach them. The teachers and staff at Edu-Lab Home School Support Center have created a safe, happy, and healthy environment for our children to grow and learn confidently. There is a wonderful relationship and respect between the teachers and children. Our boys have thrived academically and socially. We could not be happier with the teachers, staff, and students at Edu-Lab Home School Support Center.

Salma Souris

Edu-Lab Home School Support Center and, more specifically, Victoria Sosa, has managed to establish an educational environment that not only educates the minds of the youth, but also focuses on their hearts. Her love, compassion, and caring nature can be seen from the minute you enter the premises. I remember clearly feeling just as excited as a child when she showed me the various rooms that have been created for the children to use.

The brightly-coloured laboratories have beautiful posters and sayings. My utmost favourite is the massive keyboard poster in the Computer Lab. My second favourite is the Art Lab, which also displays the art that the kids have completed there. It gets the creative juices flowing, and makes even the most grown-up of us feel the need to craft and create.

Maureen Rauch, Registered Educational Psychometrist Remedial Therapist/Educator Dyslexia Specialist

I have been challenged since Grade R, until recently this year in Grade 7, to find my son a school where the teachers are willing and able to provide him with the type of environment and support in which he can flourish. I finally removed him from a remedial school due to improper and unacceptable teaching methods. I visited several home-schooling facilities and, after several weeks’ searching, was referred to Edu-Lab Home School Support Center.

When I first stepped into the center, I could feel a weight lift from me, as I was so impressed by the set-up and layout of the laboratories for each specific subject being taught. I felt my search had come to an end. When I sat down with Victoria Sosa to discuss my concerns with home-schooling, we started developing the best approach and plan for my son to not only help him cope, but also to excel. I decided to register him at Edu-Lab Home School Support Center in February 2019, and do not regret it for one minute. He has matured and developed more self-discipline so as to manage his own schoolwork and time, which makes family life less stressful, and school more enjoyable for him.

Berenice Williams

The poet Kahlil Gibran once wrote: “Knowledge is life without wings”.

Here at Edu-Lab Home School Support Center, our children are given wings, and the sky is the limit. Edu-Lab Home School Support Center has an outstanding network of staff, and is at the forefront of home-school tutor education. Our center has earned an outstanding reputation as a learning environment that instils and reinforces strong morals and values through love, respect, and appreciation for GOD, parents, teachers, friends/peers, and all of the disadvantaged.

When my husband Dominic and I decided to send our two younger daughters, Montana and Elektra, to Edu-Lab Home School Support Center, we had no idea what a life-changing decision this would be, both for our daughters and for ourselves, especially since our older daughter, Savannah, was attending a well-established private school at this time.

Beverley Zaki

What is there to say about Edu-Lab Home School Support Center? Well, firstly, it’s like no other school. When my daughter came to me a year-and-a-half ago and asked if she could please look at home-schooling, it was still a bit of a taboo subject, because no one really knew what home-schooling was and what it entailed. So, my initial impression was that I was going to be sitting at home and basically just working a half-day, and teaching a few subjects. I reluctantly went and saw a recommended home school facility by the name of Edu-Lab Home School Support Center, run by Victoria Sosa. Upon our arrival, we were a bit sceptical. But once we walked into the actual tutoring center, and saw the amount of effort, thought, and interest put in by Victoria Sosa herself, it was mind-blowing.

The pictures on the walls, and the rooms that she had made into laboratories, so that each room is a different teaching lab. You have an Earth Lab, you have a Science Lab, and you have a Reading Lab, among others. This means the kids don’t just sit in one classroom. They move around; they get to sit on yoga balls; they get to sit on floating chairs.

Kathy Rahme

We were fortunate enough to enrol our ten-year-old son, Blake, at the Edu-Lab Home School Support Center a while ago. The vibrancy and energy of the environment that our children are being mentored, guided and educated in resonated with us as Blake’s parents.

Victoria Sosa and Vivienne were extremely friendly and helpful in allaying our son’s anxiety regarding his entry into a new environment. We can say with 100% confidence that Edu-Lab Home School Support Center has exceeded our expectations on every level. We can recommend Victoria Sosa’s Edu-Lab Home School Support Center with the greatest conviction in that your child and their unique educational needs will be catered for specifically

Craig and Venessa van Schalkwyk

Instead of classrooms, we use labs.