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We provide an extra-lesson service, which entails tutoring per hour, as well as homework supervision.Read More »

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Why Edu-Lab?

Edu-lab is a unique tutoring center that offers a tutoring experience for learners that is more personalised and creative. We can accommodate six learners per lab, which enhances their productivity and understanding of the subject matter. At Edu-Lab, we take a different stance on educating our children of the future. We believe that smaller groups maximise learning potential and retention.

What The Parents Say


In the afternoons, we provide an extra lesson service, which entails tutoring per hour, as well as home-work supervision. This is from Monday to Thursday, from 14:00-17:00.

Edu-Lab Home School Support Center provides an environment that is safe, secure, and conducive to learning.

We have cameras and security throughout the property, as well as panic buttons and armed response to ensure maximum safety for your child.


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